TheRealManifest Loyalty over Lames

Attention all passengers!!! We are approaching high altitude please buckle up we might experience a little turbulence... Nothing to worry about just the captain adjusting the speakers to make your sure your is flight more comfortable, tonight's music selection is brought to you by yours truly Hood Heat Dj's, Kris Kartel" kartel Route production/G-IMMORTAL BRANDZ management™ proudly presents "Manifest" Aka TheRealManifest!!! Check him out on soundcloud/Facebook/Twitter/instagram/videos available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube under TheRealManifest we will also like to congratulate you all for your Love and support keep following and supporting your Local independent entrepreneurs movement... If you all was feeling Truth be told mixtape!!! That's out right now available for download and listening pleasure right now!!! Stay tuned for (Loyalty over Lamez) coming soon... Shout out to "Nymrod" (Federal District) we in Da building shaking Da Block Getting Stronger Everyday...

Also the Debut video Hostile Takeover on Vevo

Written By: Patrick Johnson 

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