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The Wonder Tour Featuring Benny Boy Rude & Dj Chizzle Beatz  

 HoodHeatDjs & GrindSeason 
The Wonder Tour Featuring Benny Boy Rude & Dj Chizzle Beatz 

Benny Boy Rude & DJ Chizzle Beatz: An Organic Collision of Raw Lyricism and Trunk-Rattling Beats,

The chemistry between the two artists was undeniable from that very first head-nodding bassline and bone-chilling rhyme spill. Rude's abrash lyricism and Chizzle's unorthodox, East-meets-South production style molded into an intoxicating new vibe - at once rugged and refined, vintage and visionary.

Now with that first tour bus track finally released on all major platforms, the duo of Benny Boy Rude & DJ Chizzle Beatz are bringing their organic magic to the masses. Having honed their sound through the reps of real road warriors, this is hip-hop forged in the fires of the uncompromising live experience. An authentic collaboration that slaps as hard as the kick drums Chizzle lays down.

Check it out on Spotify

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Living a Dream 

New Album Release 

Born Ready 

Technically this is this artist's 3rd album and if you're not up on the vibe 
then you're already too late. @LegendaryLow instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and 
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Lower East Side NYC 
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 New artist Alert presented by Grindseason Nard Designs  The D'evolution of Love "The Love Tape"... 

 New artist Alert 

presented by Grindseason 

Nard Designs 

The D'evolution of Love "The Love Tape" is a Mixed piece of Musical Art compiled of a mixture of unique Love songs written by Bernard Campbell (clothing designer of Nardesigns Apparel.) Skits inspired by Love songs that are relatable, taking you on a journey from young Love to Adulthood, the trails & challenges most people can relate to who have been in relationships of all kinds from dating to marriage, this is a short audio Love film that you can sit back listen & dance to dealing with a timeless subject.

Nardesigns with the help of Cappadonna from WuTangClan / GLF featured on "I Want You" production by Temper Beats. other tracks produced by Statigeez. "Righteous Love" & "Wizdom Body". Skit talk features Lah'SaanDro & TruSturi. Cover Art by BucketFreshStudios. Hosted & Mixed by DjChizzleBeatz you can find
Nardesigns on FB

You, Maurice Djchizzle Brown, Juan Pellot and 1 other


New HoodHeatDjs artist spotlight Up and Comer  

 Boss Don RULG aka roll up louchy. gator

This springfield Massachusetts Native is coming out the shadows
 with influences beginning with his own gator family,   ,kriss kross,  mase,  nas,  noreaga,  Big L,  Biggie,  pac and lilwayne. Rulg started  rapping at the age of 15. He got his first kareoke machine with his cousin while hustling in the streets of mass.  First feature in music was with, ace uno, than weeks later he got with his older cousin deviuz vex and bless they heard him rap then took him to the studio. Since than its been gator entertainment, money minded. And grindseason, with Dj Chizzle Beatz has all been influential to my music career, for this is the beginning, Of an empire.

streaming and downloading site

 facebook fan page_

youtube _https://youtube/toolittvartist

artist twitter_https://twitter/rulg101

New artist Heat goes out to Chi towns own Ricosuparich Pronounced RICO - SUPA - RICH

Chicago always had a way within history of making itself known to the world. Rather if its
Music, or Crime, The spotlight always seems to find its way back to an chicago native.
Maybe this is one of those times when we speaking about an single producer by the name of Ricosuparich.
Ricosuparich aka birth name as Marquell Taylor born and raise in Chicago is a music producer and entrepreneur.He started just as a Kidd making music and beats from his home computer his parents had and his grandma bought his first keyboard when he was just 11 years old. Rico started making music seriously around 2011 and -2014 after going away for college in Alabama he was producing for local artist out of state and all over the world due to the internet and social media. Rico worked with many artist thru out Chicago suck as chief bias , Papii cash , el hitla , cece bke, ,Blow from Do Or Die , Dirty Soc , Poloboyshawty ,Rjaedamvp,SpankOnaBeat and more.

 Email @ 

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New Track Released By Dj Chizzle Beatz  

 Dj Chizzle Beatz- All Abord

Dj Chizzle Beatz has just dropped his fresh new single, “All Abord”, which is already being enjoyed by a number of the artist’s fans worldwide.

In his music, Dj Chizzle Beatz explores diverse variety of genres, styles, and sounds. He dives into hip-hop, rap, and trap, to mention but a few. This creative openness and passion are what make his releases stand out for their distinctive energy and production aesthetic.

The introduction in Dj Chizzle Beatz’s “All Abord”, features an atmospheric instrumental that is warm and inviting. When the lyrics and rhythm section start, the energy is immediately raised. The auto-tune on the vocal line gives a modern vibe to the entire mix. For the get go, Dj Chizzle Beatz has his listeners caught hook, line, and sinker!

The rap flow in “All Abord” is fluid and engaging. Dj Chizzle Beatz’s style recalls the likes of classic hip-hop acts such as Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and A Tribe Called Quest.
Even though he has a similar vibe to these old-school artists, Dj Chizzle Beatz also brings a contemporary electronic edge to his music. The modern soundscape in his music is reminiscent of the likes of Future, Drake, and some of the greats.

Through his music, Dj Chizzle Beatz connects the old-world of hip-hop with cutting-edge contemporary music. That’s what makes his music so fascinating; it’s a vibrant and eclectic mix of influences. Yet, Dj Chizzle Beatz also brings his distinctive approach to songwriting, performance, and production.

The lyrical composition is intricate and layered. Some of the lyrical highlights that get stuck in your mind include “I’m just trying to grind / and see a brighter day”. However, because the rap flow is filled with deep lyrics, listeners will have to put the song on repeat to really understand the whole meaning of the song.

This is what makes Dj Chizzle Beatz an inspiring recording artist. You can immediately enjoy the style and production of his song but if you’re into music you can dive deep into the symbolism and narrative of the lyrics.

“All Abord” can be enjoyed on all levels by people from a variety of different backgrounds. This is what makes “All Abord” such a captivating release.

Listen to Dj Chizzle Beatz’s fresh new track, “All Abord”, here:

Explore the rest of his discography at the links below. Don’t forget to follow Dj Chizzle Beatz on his streaming platforms to stay updated on new music, collaborations, and much more!



New York UnderGround - HHDJS  






8th Day Music LLC. is an Upcoming indie label, that focus on soul, poetry Hip Hop and Dance.
Although you heard me say hip hop it might not be the hip hop you think we are talking about, We
are talking about the culture of Hip Hop, from graffiti art  break dancing and rap and r&b.

Now or dayz many youngsters would called it Boom Bap, both 8th day music has an artist
whom says he can bridge the gap. ScrewManew, partner of the label 8th Day Music is also
an artist for the company. ScrewManew has been making an mark in the hip hop game as of
2019 with his Debute album - It is wat it is,    

Also collaborated with many artist such Apocalypse, and Jstatus
and first sign with steve rifken under the Ghetto imates group coming out Lower east side manhattan
ScrewManew Since has grown in his knowledge of the hlp hop game and got with
his long time friend Kinte givens to Help Form the UGF squad whom later on became
8th Day Music Group.

Exclusively Dropping an collaborate track with another dope artist by the name
of wyld bunch track called - Get Lost

8th Day Music Group Facebook Fan Page

Apocalypse - That Smoke/Robitussin. (Produced by RuzBeatz) 

 General and Chief of 8th Day Music LLC

Peace My Peoples my Dude
Kinte Givens aka Apocalypse New Album is not doing Bad at all despite the Hate My G's Music is still Banging Please Check out the Youtube ViDEO

Check out the Album on #Spotify #Follow #Share #Like ( E-Pluribus Unum ) #HipHop #BoomBap #LofiHipHop #Lofi #Rapmusic #Rap
#LowerEastSide #8thdaymusicllc #NewYork #Music #Videos #HipHopMusic

8th Day Music LLC New Album alert - iT IS WAT IT IS Screwmanew  




The newest of the New York City indie labels is doing its numbers

and one of those labels are 8th Day music LLC. With artist such as Apocalypse. Whom

been on the seen for years doing features with Master Ace, Babalu Machete, Canibus, and many more.

also under the 8th day music roster is ScrewManew. Breaking Through the music industries, artist to look at scene

ScrewManew is making his mark in the underground world with his Hard punchlines and energetic flows. Screwmanew will be dropping

his first debut album under the 8th Day music LLC brand Distributing under ingroove whom is most popular for their

Hip Hop influences in the music industry. Screwmanew will be dropping his Debut album called It is wat it is  - on October 8th 2019,

Hitting all major platforms.

You can see music videos from Screwmanew on youtube and other sites we would give you an example by dropping a link too his

latest video. ThrowBack B - which would be his introduction too the world.


Producers check List

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Mr. AuthenticBeatz
Trax Smyth
Sinima Beats