New artist Heat goes out to Chi towns own Ricosuparich Pronounced RICO - SUPA - RICH

Chicago always had a way within history of making itself known to the world. Rather if its
Music, or Crime, The spotlight always seems to find its way back to an chicago native.
Maybe this is one of those times when we speaking about an single producer by the name of Ricosuparich.
Ricosuparich aka birth name as Marquell Taylor born and raise in Chicago is a music producer and entrepreneur.He started just as a Kidd making music and beats from his home computer his parents had and his grandma bought his first keyboard when he was just 11 years old. Rico started making music seriously around 2011 and -2014 after going away for college in Alabama he was producing for local artist out of state and all over the world due to the internet and social media. Rico worked with many artist thru out Chicago suck as chief bias , Papii cash , el hitla , cece bke, ,Blow from Do Or Die , Dirty Soc , Poloboyshawty ,Rjaedamvp,SpankOnaBeat and more.

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